April 2013

The Garage Grand (Re)Opening What a terrific weekend! Perfect weather, 8 stellar musical performances, 5 food trucks, 1 incredible dance group, even a face-painting table! We’re so thankful to have been part of this year’s Tom Tom Founders Festival and

31 photos in this gallery.
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February’s First Fridays Opening: Sebastijan Jemec and Megan O’Hearn

In It Was Real To Us, both Jemec and O’Hearn alter original images to produce a “manufactured reality.” The photos quietly show how recorded history is held captive by the imagination and turned into something that is only loosely based

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“6000 Instant Photographs from 2001 to 2009″ by James Ford

We’re very excited about October’s installation as our friend, James Ford, will be displaying a selection of his 6000+ Polaroid photographs, taken over a period of eight years. Narrowing it down to a mere 2000 (!), he’ll be displaying the photos

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Multi-Media Sandwich

On Saturday night, the Garage hosted its first Multi-Media Sandwich! Local artist James Ford’s videos were screened at the beginning and end of the evening, sandwiching local band Mondo’s ambient, electronic songs. It was one of the most beautiful and


The Garage’s Online Home

Welcome to the Garage’s online home! Immense thanks to Justin Freshwater for bringing the website to life. We are incredibly excited to be launching this online space to provide updates on upcoming events and reviews and photos of past gatherings!

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